Quattrocolo Story

In the picture the founder Renato Quattrocolo and his wife Olga.

A  family business since 1938

The Quattrocolo Jewellery, Roman historical store has been located in Via della Scrofa since 1938.

Its founder, Renato Quattrocolo, comes from a family of Piedmont’s master goldsmiths who have alternated in the family business for generations, at the end of the 19th century in Turin and then in Rome.

The traditional design, study and creation of jewelry is conceived and carried out in all the phases of its realization, in the sign of an adaptation and updating in design.

The great passion for unique jewels pushed the Quattrocolo family to distant countries to find those stones that allowed them to create works that they are proud of.

Since the beginning, laboratory activities have been accompanied by important collections of antique and modern antiques, engraved stones, cameos, corals, antique silverware, icons and a specific sector dedicated to the Roman minute mosaic with significant examples from the 18th and 20th centuries.

After years of managing the jewellery by his daughter Michela Quattrocolo, today the same tradition is carried out with great passion by Paola Frani and Piero De Angelis, interpreting and expressing the best of the aesthetics of the continuous sober but precious research of jewelry, also through the technological world.

Historical Shop Certificate

Certificate of historical shop for activities with more than 50 years.

To highlight the importance of protecting historic Roman shops, fully enhancing their product  specificity intended as an integral part of the cultural heritage and daily life of the city, that in the end to carry forward an important message of culture and good taste through those places that preserve, pass on memories and furnishings of cultural and artistic value for the history of Rome.

Date: 22nd April 1998

Gold Medal

Award of Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress issued
by the Roman Commerce and Industry Chamber
to Quattrocolo Jewellery

Date: 25th November 1979

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