Thanks to Quattrocolo’s long experience in the gold and precious stones sector we are able to offer our customers a complete range of after-sales services such as personalization and care of jewelry.

Our experts will be happy to offer you advice and services to customize your jewelry, restore it or simply preserve its beauty and longevity.

Each important jewel tells a story, which can be even more precious than the jewel value itself.
Quattrocolo Jewellery accompanies every jewel purchased by you, both antique and contemporary, with an expertise of authenticity and a gemological certificate with detailed origin and characteristics of each single gem.
This certificate not only guarantees you the authenticity of precious stones, but also provides you with important information on the gems mounted on your jewel (name, cut, size, number of gems, origin and carat weight).

EXPERTISE SERVICE. We also offer, by appointment, expertise service carried out by one of our expert consultants in our store on all jewels both antique and contemporary.

Our workshop offers a BESPOKE service based on the design of your personalized jewel, in gold, silver and other metals.
Following a drawing, we create a wax prototype, with which our goldsmith technician will create the object completely by hand, also using stones supplied directly by the customer.

The Quattrocolo laboratory also provides a TRANSFORMATION service giving your jewelry a new life: do you want to completely transform your jewelry by revisiting its style with a more modern or classic concept? Or do you simply want to insert new precious stones or replace existing ones?

Talk to us! Our commitment has always been to satisfy the needs of our customers as much as possible.

Our goldsmith workshop personalizes the jewels, rings, bracelets by engraving a name, a phrase or a date in different languages based on the space available and the existing technical constraints.
The engravings can be canceled or replaced by others.

We also perform threading services for necklaces and bracelets both simple or knots with one or more threads, of pearls and hard stones both own and purchased in our shop.

How many times do we leave a part a ring that has become tight or a necklace with a hook that no longer works, at the bottom of a drawer, giving up putting them?

Designed just for you, our jewelry repair service is another of the sectors in which we assist all our customers in the after-sales phase: from the adjustment to size of the rings, bracelets and necklaces from the original dimensions according to your needs to the setting of precious stones, to fix stones of various kinds and shapes inside the bezels.

If the jewel shows signs due to daily use, our experts will be able to deal with polishing, it is a treatment that allows you to eliminate streaks from the jewel, a delicate operation that must be carried out by expert and careful hands with special brushes and application of delicate abrasive pastes.

If the white gold has lost its shine, our laboratory may subject it to a rhodium-plating treatment which will give greater shine and resistance to any abrasions and oxidations.

Gilding is an ornamental (Galvanic) decoration process used on different materials and with different techniques to embellish an object by affixing a very thin and uniform layer of gold.

Our jewels are affected not only by the action of time and atmospheric agents, but often also by our habits. For this reason we thought of a jewel cleaning service, to give your jewels all the care they need, guaranteed by our qualified staff, who will treat them with the most suitable tools such as ultrasound washing machines.

To preserve the beauty of the jewels, it is recommended to follow our use and maintenance advice.
What we are going to suggest to you concerns only GOLD and DIAMOND jewels.

The jewel should be cleaned regularly, washing it with mild soap and water, using a soft bristle brush, then rinsing it with warm water.
It is very important that these simple steps to clean gold and diamond jewelry do not apply in any way to other precious and semiprecious stones (pearls, corals, amber, etc.) as in these cases they must be cleaned in a different way.

If you often wear PEARLS, have the thread checked once a year.
Avoid vaporizing perfume on pearls and do not use body creams.
Clean them with a damp cloth without soaps or detergents.
Place them separately in a case.

The most common problem of SILVER jewels is their oxidation, which is a natural process, but with proper maintenance and care it can be prevented. Specific products are available on the market that restore brightness to your silver jewel.
It is also advisable to remove the jewels before going to sleep, avoid storing them together because contact can cause scratches.

Remove the jewelry before practicing any sport, when washing your hands or using corrosive products. Avoid contact with perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine.
Where possible, we recommend that you bring the jewel once a year to your trusted jewelery store, to have it checked, cleaned and revived.

These services are carried out by expert jewelers who, in addition to their knowledge of the subject, have specialized machinery available.
It will also be an opportunity to check the solidity of the frame thus avoiding the possible loss of the stones as, over time, due to small impacts, especially if it is jewelry that is worn daily, the brands that support the stones may loose.

Ring sizes chart to determine the size of the rings

Here you can find all the information necessary to determine the size of your ring!

The chart gives you a useful overview of the current international conversion measurements for your finger circumference or with a diameter.

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For any further information or request please don’t hesitate to contact us:
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