Terms&Condition of Sale

Please read these carefully these Terms & Conditions of Sale before submitting an order through our website.



These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to orders and related purchases made through the Quattrocolo jewellery website (https://quattrocolo.com), subject to the exceptions and changes indicated below.

This website, at the URL https://quattrocolo.com (hereinafter, “QUATTROCOLO eSTORE“) is managed by: Quattrocolo Srl, Via della Scrofa 48 – 00186 Rome – Italy (registration number in the register of companies: RM- 779682, VAT number: 04556021006, SCIA Prot n. CA/2020/87745 13/05/2020).

These Terms & Conditions of Sale and the related documentation comply with the following regulations which concern the purchase of products and services carried out remotely via the telematic network:

1) Legislative Decree 206/2005 Part III, Title III, Chapter I and subsequent amendments (“Consumer Code”)
2) Legislative Decree 185 of 22 May 1999



These Conditions of Sale apply to all orders placed on Quattrocolo eStore and to all purchases resulting from the aforementioned orders.

It is also specified that as regards orders and purchases on Quattrocolo eStore, Quattrocolo Srl will send its communications electronically via email or electronic communication. By using this online channel, users acknowledge that all declarations of intent, offers, communications, disclosures and other notices will be issued or provided electronically, except in cases where the law provides for them in written form.

These Conditions of Sale may be changed from time to time by Quattrocolo Srl, against the specification relating to the new effective date on their Quattrocolo eStore website.

Any changes to the Conditions of Sale will apply to orders placed from the effective date (included), provided that the Conditions of Sale, as modified, are visible on the site as conditions applicable at that time. Before placing an order for products, users will be given the opportunity to view these Terms of Sale and will be asked to accept them.



To order and purchase items on Quattrocolo eStore, you need:

  • having accepted these Terms of Sale and the Quattrocolo eStore Privacy Policy.
  • provide your name and address, telephone number, email address and other requested information;
  • provide a valid delivery address (please note that Quattrocolo Srl does not deliver to post office boxes or automatic parcel distribution points. Orders are sent by courier and the signature of a natural person will therefore be required upon delivery);

The user can place an order by proceeding to checkout after clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button or similar. The user accepts that his order is a proposal to purchase the item or items indicated in the order pursuant to these Terms of Sale.
The user, in the last checkout step, will have the opportunity to review  the order, to read and accept the Conditions of Sale, to check the total price and characteristics of the order and the information provided, and to correct any order errors before confirming it.
Once the order has been confirmed, the user will immediately receive an Order Confirmation Email and the same copy will be received by Quattrocolo Srl.

Each order is considered a purchase in itself. All orders are then subject to acceptance by Quattrocolo Srl, which reserves the right to reject any order both for reasons of NON AVAILABILITY of the ordered item and for security reasons (including, but not limited to, orders for which there is a suspicion of fraud).
The user will be promptly notified in the situation that Quattrocolo Srl decides not to accept the order.

In case of NON AVAILABILITY of the item Quattrocolo Srl reserves the right to offer the user alternative solutions or to replicate the ordered item specifying production times and conditions, with the exception of some articles – such as the collections of antique jewelry, antiques and some of the silverware.

In case of acceptance of the order Quattrocolo Srl will send the user an Email of Confirmation of the availability of the related article or articles ordered with all the useful information such as:

  1. any measures and specifications of the article or articles ordered
  2. shipping costs (it will include insurance)
  3. VAT or other applicable taxes or duties
  4. any additional costs of after-sales services such as customizations or changes to the ordered item



Quattrocolo Srl prefers the payment of the order by BANK TRANSFER.
The reason of payment to be reported on the bank transfer must indicate:

  • the number and date of the order
  • the name and surname of the originator

The bank transfer must be made in favor of:

Account holder: Quattrocolo Srl
Bank: Unicredit
IBAN: IT05C0200805205000104464958

Quattrocolo Srl reserves the right to accept, in exceptional cases, credit card or debit card payment by using the POS available in store using the relevant payment details transmitted by the customer exclusively by telephone.

The customer is strongly discouraged from communicating his credit or debit card data via email for obvious security reasons and however Quattrocolo Srl will never and in no case be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the consequences of this behavior.

The user will have available – from the moment the Availability Confirmation Email  is sent – 4 working days to make the payment.
In these 4 working days, the item or items ordered will be reserved pending receipt of payment.
Once the 4 working days have elapsed, the item or items ordered will be available again both online and to the public in the store.



Gift Cards can be purchased by bank transfer and cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded or used to purchase another gift certificate.

Gift Cards expire 1 year from the date of issue, after which they will no longer be valid, and any remaining balance will become the property of Quattrocolo Srl.

Gift Cards can be redeemed in the Quattrocolo store or online at www.quattrocolo.com. No remainder will be given, but the balance can be applied to future purchases.

Gift Cards can only be used to make purchases up to the initial gift voucher amount or the remaining balance. If your purchase exceeds the balance on the gift certificate, the surplus must be covered by bank transfer.

Goods purchased with a Gift Cards are subject to Quattrocolo Srl’s return policy.



Quattrocolo Srl ships for free in Italy.
For all other destinations Quattrocolo Srl will communicate, during the confirmation stage, the estimate of the transport costs which will also include insurance.

Quattrocolo Srl ships all over the world except some areas where there are territorial complications such as war or terrorist acts, strikes, states of emergency at national or local level, failure of transport infrastructures, interruptions in the supply of electricity or other utilities, earthquakes, other natural emergencies.

Quattrocolo Srl will ship the item or items only after verifying the payment in the previously specified methods.

For its shipments, Quattrocolo Srl relies on the carrier Ferrari Group, specialized in the
global shipments of jewelery and luxury goods and for logistics management
integrated high-value goods worldwide.

All shipments are provided and include insurance against theft and loss of items during delivery in accordance with the contractual terms established between Quattrocolo Srl and the carrier; when the items are delivered, the insurance has no longer effect.

For more information on the reliability and competence of the carrier we use, please visit the site www.ferrarigroup.net

In some exceptional situations Quattrocolo Srl reserves the right to replace the carrier in charge of the delivery of the order and to entrust the shipment to a different carrier ensuring in any case to use reliable and absolutely safe transport companies and communicating the details of the transport company to the customer to which it is entrusting the delivery.

Normally, it takes 2-3 working days for the preparation and delivery to the carrier of the article or articles ordered.
In any case, Quattrocolo Srl undertakes in any case to ensure that, except in cases of force majeure, delivery takes place within 14 days of payment receipt by the user.

In the event that the user, without reasonable reason, delays the receipt of the delivery after the notification of Quattrocolo Srl that he has attempted to deliver the ordered items to the user, or if the user has provided a delivery address incorrect that has resulted in the failure of the delivery, the package will be returned to Quattrocolo Srl, and Quattrocolo Srl will be relieved of the obligation to deliver the items within the established delivery time.

The buyer is advised that a signature will be requested upon delivery. If no one is available for signature on delivery, the courier will make a second delivery attempt on the next business day. In case of non-delivery even on the second attempt, the courier officer will leave a ticket with the relevant contact details so that the recipient can contact the same courier in order to organize the delivery according to their needs. We remind you that the object of the order will remain available at the courier’s warehouse for 5 working days from the second delivery attempt.

Quattrocolo Srl will not be responsible for delay or non-delivery, if the delay or non-delivery is caused by circumstances not dependent on its will, including, but not limited to, war or terrorist acts, strikes, states of emergency at the level national or local, failure of transport infrastructures, interruptions in the supply of electricity or other utilities, earthquakes, other natural emergencies, postponements or delays in delivery caused by the recipient.



The user is requested to keep in mind that, due to the limitations of reproduction of the images of the items on the screen, the exact color, size and design of the same on the screen may diverge from the product actual characteristic.

Without prejudice to the above, if the products that the user has received do not correspond to those ordered, or if the delivery is incomplete or there have been damages in the transport, we invite the user, to contact Quattrocolo Srl Customer Service immediately by email or by phone within the law terms.



The user has 14 (fourteen) calendar days to withdraw from the contract with Quattrocolo Srl relating to the items ordered on Quattrocolo eStore and subsequently purchased without providing any explanation, with unequivocal declaration, using the online withdrawal exercise form that he can find online at the page

Return online Form

or by email by sending it to:

The period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days starts from the moment of receipt of the item purchased on Quattrocolo eStore or, in the case of a contract for the delivery of more than one item, from the moment of receipt of the last item of this contract. In order to meet the deadline of 14 (fourteen) days, shall prevail the date on which the declaration of withdrawal is sent by the user.

The items for which the right of withdrawal is exercised must be returned substantially intact, in their original packaging, complete with any accessories and any certificates or expertise, without any lack.

The costs of shipping and transporting the return are charged to the customer and it is mandatory that the user use the return procedure and the courier indicated by Quattrocolo Srl for the management of the return.
If the user chooses to return only part of the purchase and / or items with a different method, the costs of shipping the return will be borne by the customer.

Once Quattrocolo Srl has received and approved the returned items, Quattrocolo Srl will confirm the returned items to the user, also providing for a refund, which will be confirmed by email.
Quattrocolo Srl will refund the purchase price (excluding the initial delivery costs) with the same methods used by the customer for the payment of the order, indicatively, within twenty (20) days from the receipt of the returned items, except for the Christmas period and other peak periods.

Quattrocolo Srl may also offer the user, at his choice, the following possibilities as an alternative to the right to a refund:

i) the user can specifically authorize Quattrocolo Srl to replace the original product with another product; or
ii) the user can specifically authorize Quattrocolo Srl to issue a voucher (voucher certificate).

The exercise of these rights is optional and is subject to the user’s discretion and express consent.

Exceptions to the exercise of the right of withdrawal within the deadline.
The right of withdrawal is not recognized for personalized items.



The user will be covered by a legal guarantee for items purchased that prove to be defective.
In such cases, the user can:
request the repair or replacement of the item (at its discretion, unless such remedies are excessively expensive or impossible for Quattrocolo Srl)
if both of the aforementioned primary remedies are excessively burdensome or impossible for Quattrocolo Srl, the user may ask to terminate the contract (with the return of the purchase price by Quattrocolo Srl, after returning the products by the user)

The purchased item is free from significant defects if, at the time of delivery, it has the agreed quality. To the extent that no specific quality has been agreed between the parties, the item purchased is considered free from significant defects if:

  1. is suitable for the use for which it is intended pursuant to the contract; and/or
  2. it is suitable for the normal use for which it is intended and its quality is that normally present in items of the same type, and the buyer can expect this quality given the type of item.

The term “quality” includes those characteristics that the buyer can expect based on the declarations on the specific characteristics of the item purchased publicly made by Quattrocolo Srl on the site.

Quattrocolo Srl will bear all the expenses necessary to remedy the defect; in particular: transportation costs, labor and materials.

Quattrocolo Srl may refuse to proceed with the type of remedy chosen by the user, if this type of remedy is possible only against a disproportionate expense. In this context, it must be taken into account, in particular, by way of example but not limited to, the value of the item free from defects, the extent of the defect and the possibility of resorting to alternative remedies without causing substantial damage to the user.

In this case, the dispute will be limited to the alternative remedy; and will also remain the right of Quattrocolo Srl to refuse the alternative type of remedy, without prejudice to the requirements referred to in point 1 above.
If Quattrocolo Srl provides, for the purpose of remedying a user request relating to a defective product, a product free from defects, Quattrocolo Srl itself may request the return of the defective product.

The user has the right to contest the defect of the purchased product only if he reports the defect to Quattrocolo Srl immediately after detecting it, or immediately after he should reasonably have detected it and in any case no later than the period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days .

Users are required to keep the order confirmation (and send it to the recipient of an item as a gift) as an original proof of purchase of the product that must be attached in order to activate the legal guarantee.
In case of return approval due to a defect in the item, the user is required to use the return procedure and the courier indicated by Quattrocolo Srl to manage the return by attaching a copy of the order or purchase invoice.

To report the defective item or items, promptly contact Quattrocolo Srl through the email address: studio@quattrocolo.com or through the dedicated form on the page

Return online Form



Quattrocolo Srl strongly believes in protecting the privacy of users.
Orders and consequent purchases of items on Quattrocolo eStore requires the user to accept the privacy policy set out in the dedicated PRIVACY POLICY section.
Users are requested to consult the privacy policy of Quattrocolo Srl for information on how Quattrocolo Srl collects and processes the personal data of users of Quattrocolo eStore website.



These Conditions of Sale and the purchase of products from Quattrocolo Srl through Quattrocolo eStore will be governed by, and interpreted according to, Italian law.

In case of disputes relating to the purchase contract of the products or in any case in relation to the purchase procedure on Quattrocolo eStore or in relation to these Conditions of Sale, the user will always have the right to apply to the Court of his place of residence.



Quattrocolo Customer Service is available to users with reference to questions or disputes relating to orders placed on Quattrocolo eStore or for further information on the general conditions relating to online sales.
Please contact by email at:



Date: 01/05/2020

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